Optikam's technology is used to capture over 10 Million measurements a year!

Thousands of Eye Care Professionals have made the switch from manual measurements and rely on Optikam's technology to produce their patients' lenses.

What is OptikamPad?

The OptikamPad iPad App is a complete dispensing solution that helps Eye Care Professionals (ECPs) assist patients at all stages of the eyewear dispensing process.

This revolutionary tool gets you a step closer to offering your patients a unique shopping experience.

A practice using pupilometers and sharpie pens to measure lenses will no longer impress customers. Beyond that, traditional tools limit your progressive lens offering which impacts profitability.

Lenses nowadays can be personalized to account for how the frame will be worn once dispensed. However, the dispensing tools most ECPs use have been the same for the past 30 years and have not kept up with the technological advances seen in other parts of the industry. This reality creates an imbalance — superior lenses need to be dispensed with an equally superior tool.

With the advent of online eyewear retailers seeking to commoditize lenses, using cutting edge equipment is key to both elevating the customer experience and achieving continuous practice growth. Furthermore, modernizing your dispensary will only reinforce customer confidence in both the level of professionalism and the quality of the products being offered.

Optikam Posture Device

The new Optikam Posture Device (OPD) is an electronic version of the Optikam EY-Stick device. It uses an accelerometer (tilt sensor) to monitor the customer pantoscopic tilt in real time.

Now you can observe and capture the customer posture with a push of a button, all from within the OptikamPad app. A posture indicator shows the current live customer pantoscopic tilt reading in relation to the captured one. Capturing the correct customer posture has never been easier.


Optikam's OPD measurement device obtains eyewear measurements that take into account how the frame will be worn by the patient once dispensed.

These personalized “as-worn” measurements allow lens designs to be customized to take into account Vertex Distance, Pantoscopic Tilt and Frame Wrap.

As-worn measurements improve monocular Pupillary Distance measurements as well. The Pupilometer measures the monocular Pupillary Distances anatomically based on the center of the patient's face, whereas OptikamPad will obtain monocular Pupillary Distances using the mid-point of the frame which takes into account the frame fit and possible nose pad adjustments.

What makes OptikamPad Unique?

Accurate Natural Posture

The patented OPD device is the only solution that allows the ECP to properly capture the customer's posture in a way similar to the dotting process while never needing to be at the same eye level.

OptikamPad uniquely captures the patient's natural posture with the help of a patented accelerometer located on the OPD device. When an ECP captures the posture, they are simply replicating the process of dotting the patient's lens without the Sharpie!  

As a result, the point within the lens through which the patient sees — otherwise known as the line of sight — is captured. The OPD posture capturing ensures that the measurement picture is captured in the patient's natural posture.

The posture can be captured in either a sitting or standing posture — the only solution on the market that does not require the user to be at eye level with the patient — allowing the OptikamPad user to take precise and accurate measurements of patients of all sizes. This avoids the error-prone process of estimating the patient's posture by leveling the camera at eye-level while ensuring the patient does not follow your movement with an un-natural head tilt posture. 

1 Picture 10 Measurements

In the time needed for an ECP to obtain two measurements using a pupilometer and a Sharpie, OptikamPad provides the ten measurements needed for Position of Wear:

  • Monocular Pupillary Distance (PD)
  • Multifocal Seg Heights
  • Pantoscopic Tilt (Panto)
  • Rear Vertex Distance (RVD)
  • Wrap (Face Form Tilt)
  • Near Pupillary Distance
  • A, B, ED/MBS and DBL values

These measurements, when accounted for in the fabrication of the patient's lenses, offer the best visual experience, thus moving patients into superior lens products.

Working in a retail setting entails having to address the needs of multiple patients simultaneously. Using manual tools to obtain advanced measurements for a Personalized lens job can be very time-consuming. OptikamPad streamlines the measurement process, while saving you time, by requiring only one single frontal image. On busy days the operator can capture the measurement image, save the session and return to it at a later time to verify the proper positioning of all reference points.

The Vertex Distance Prism (VDP), unique to the OPD, is the key to obtaining all measurements from just ONE frontal image. The Prism removes the need for measuring the Vertex Distance from a side image, which can introduce parallax error and be challenging with large temple frame styles that obstruct an ECP's view of the patient's eye.

Instant Results

OptikamPad's Automatic Image Detection allows all measurements to be obtained immediately after snapshot, avoiding time-consuming manual placement of reference points.

The OptikamPad's software relies on image detection technology to locate both the patient's pupils and the contours of the frame immediately after snapshot. The time-consuming process of manually placing facial reference points is eliminated. All measurements are quickly obtained and displayed from one frontal image using complex algorithms. With minimal to no user manipulation the following reference points are detected:

  • The corneal reflection on both pupils as well as the pupil reflection inside the prism.
  • The edge of the frame where the lens and the bridge intersect.
  • The bottom edge of the lens for both rimmed and rimless frames.

The detected corneal reflections on the patient's picture determine the point within the lens through which the patient sees.

Built for Eye Care Professionals

OptikamPad was built to keep ECPs in control. The Optikam Posture Device (OPD) was designed with the intent of mirroring the manual measurement process. It takes into account that there is a flow and rhythm to dispensing that needs to be respected, without interfering with an ECPs dispensing style.

The OPD's ability to “record” the patient's posture allows ECPs to use their professional judgment when capturing the natural posture in a manner similar to the dotting process, properly taking into account the customer's lifestyle. This also allows the ECP to quickly double-check the posture after it has been captured.

This flexibility and control facilitate the transition from manual to electronic measurements.

Pupil Center versus Bottom Pupil

Currently, the recommended industry standard set by lens manufacturers for dotting a patient is to use the pupil center. Most ECPs will perform this step according to their professional judgment and experience. OptikamPad can follow an ECP's current practice of either measuring from the Pupil Center or use OptikamPad's Comfort Height setting to measure at the Bottom Pupil mark. With OptikamPad, the ECP is always in control.

Lens Verification

OptikamPad provides the ECP with the ability to overlay progressive addition lens (PAL) designs from all major lens manufacturers. If the selected PAL does not provide sufficient reading area, the software will alert the ECP that the lens will not properly cut out, eliminating the need for a verification call to the lab.

Lens Thickness

The Lens Thickness feature allows ECPs to simulate a patient's lens thickness taking into account the patient's decentration and frame measurements. The lens is shown in various indexes with the accompanying difference in thickness size.

Cloud Service

The Optikam Cloud Service provides detailed usage analytics, remote technical support assistance, data protection and multi-station licensing.

Interested in benefitting from OptikamPad's sales tools on additional iPads? Now you can.

Our optional yearly cloud subscription grants you access to these sales modules on up to five additional iPads within your practice. In addition, your saved measurement profiles will safely be backed up and accessible on other iPads or PCs. Each dispensing station will be equipped with the ability to increase overall practice profitability.

For practices that cut their lenses in-house, the cloud is the perfect complement to your lab technician. Each measurement profile can be reviewed prior to cutting the lenses. For ODs, the cloud presents an excellent opportunity to prescribe lens treatments prior to patients visiting the dispensary. The OptikamPad Cloud portal website also provides detailed app usage reports useful for the training and best practice analysis.

Sales Tools

When a mirror and a smartphone camera are simply not enough!

OptikamPad's Frame Selection module allows ECPs to help their patients overcome hesitations associated with the selection of new frames. Customers who cannot see themselves clearly in a mirror without their prescription are provided an opportunity to do so after their pictures have been taken.

The side-by-side image comparison of up to four frames exposes the customer to frames of different styles, resulting in an increase in multiple-frame sales. Obtaining an instant second opinion from loved ones is an email away!

Verbalizing the benefits of premium lens products and options can be a difficult task for ECPs. It can also be time consuming and not to mention confusing for patients.

This is especially true when the tools currently available for demonstration are static in nature. The OptikamPad Lens Demos module offers ECPs a quick and interactive way to educate patients on their vision's well-being. By assisting ECPs in expanding their offering of premium lenses, patients will clearly see the value of the products being recommended.

What if you could offer your patients a glimpse of how premium lens options can enhance their vision before they purchase their lenses?

The Augmented Reality module assists ECPs in building the lens combination of their patient's choosing. This module allows patients to see how different lens options will impact their vision — whether they spend a day in the office to a night out on the town. The OptikamPad's video mode even allows patients to choose a live view with the lens options of their choice in or outside of your office.


OptikamPad integrates with the following Point-of-sale, EHR and Lab software:


All measurements captured by the OptikamPad App can be transferred electronically thus, avoiding any manual entry of measurement results.



OptikamPad's detailed training video will provide you with all the knowledge necessary to make full use of the solution.

The built-in training session within the app is ideal for ECPs who seek to practice on their own without having to rely on the availability of their colleagues. It allows for the practice of capturing a measurement picture with the help of a 3D patient animation.

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